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Refurbishment consists of repairing, renovating and conserving construction systems to lengthen the lifespan of buildings and infrastructures, as well as reducing the costs of subsequent maintenance.

The success of the refurbishment process of a building primarily depends on a good technical project designed by the architect, competent execution of the work by a contractor with proven technical capability and financial solvency, and effective monitoring and control by the building surveyor.

Historical and artistic restoration

We have earned the classification (K-7 d) that enables us to undertake refurbishment projects on unique buildings and historical heritage sites, using traditional building techniques, if required.

For such projects, we have our own qualified in-house team and also work with acclaimed craftspeople specializing in various trades (stucco experts, carpenters, plasterers, etc).

Indoor spaces

We provide all the services required for refurbishment, restoration, refitting, renovation or adaptation projects for indoor spaces, offices, commercial premises, residential properties, etc., offering a comprehensive solution for all our clients’ needs.