Specialists in the application of paints and coatings



1983: R. Fuster, a graduate of Chemical Sciences with extensive prior experience in the manufacture and formulation of paints, founded CERVERA, Sistemas de Pinturas, S.L. after the closure of Pinturas Cervera, a factory of which he was the General Manager and of which he conserved the trade name.

Initially, the company’s activity focused on technical guidance, supplying and applying painting systems for maintenance and protection against corrosion in the construction sector (residential, industrial and civil).

1996: Marc Fuster, the current Director, joined the company with a turnover of around 35 million pesetas (€210,000). Over the following years, the company expanded its service portfolio to include a set of building activities, particularly in relation to resin-based coatings and chemical products (application of intumescent paints, jointless coatings for floorings and liquid waterproofing).

Between 2000 and 2005, we began our stage of building refurbishments, especially façades, generated by the rise in public contracting. The company oversaw restoration projects on building of great historically value, which enabled us to obtain specific accreditation as architectural heritage restorers. Also in this period, the company started specializing in the field of external thermal insulation systems (ETIS) for façades.

In 2007, with a stable average workforce of around 15 people and a turnover of approximately €1.4 million, having successfully completed a large number of refurbishment projects, the recession came and lasted for nearly 10 years, which had a particularly hard impact on the sector. The reduction in public investment, especially at a local administration level, forced us to restructure our workforce and rethink our growth objectives. Our turnover dropped to less than a third within three years (2010-2012). The new paradigm led us to strengthen our commercial efforts in the private sector and expand our range our range of paints and resins application services (anti-corrosion, fire protection, finishing treatments for floorings, waterproofing, concrete repair, indoor refurbishment, façade refurbishment, etc.).

In short, thanks to the company’s versatility and adaptability to the changes in the market, CERVERA has survived a profound crisis that led to the disappearance of lots of companies in the sector. As a result, since 2016, we have consolidated our advantageous position to capitalize on the opportunities brought about by changing trends, with a less saturated market in terms of the competition and a gradual improvement in the economy. In this respect, our partnership with the German high-quality paint manufacturer Geholit & Wiemer is another channel for generating new business opportunities.

2019: We remain committed to a top level of quality throughout the services we offer and the products we use, which has been a defining feature of the company since it began. We will continue to communicate clearly and transparently with our clients in order to fulfil their expectations and generate value for their properties.


Our mission is to offer a high-quality service in the field of apply our coatings for the residential, industrial and civil refurbishment sector, based on our experience, knowledge and professionalism.


We strive to be a leading company at a national level and maintain personal and direct communication with our clients, thereby enabling us to successfully fulfil the objectives and projects we take on.


Our actions are underpinned by the following values that comprise our company culture:

  • Interest in people.
  • Being responsible for our actions and respecting our company and clients, but also in terms of our society and the environment.
  • Productivity: Being efficient, dynamic and effective.
  • Focusing on creating value for the benefit of our clients and ourselves. Implementing innovative systems and products whenever possible.
  • Learning from previous results, both good and bad.


CERVERA’s human team is the key point of connection between the company and the clients. Therefore, we value and promote communication, motivation, training and responsibility. Working as a team divides the work and multiplies the results.

“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual”

Vince Lombardi.


In 2018, we began representing the products of GEHOLIT + WIEMER on the Spanish market. Founded in 1889, this German company manufactures coating materials with low VOC emissions and supplies anti-corrosion and hydro-lacquered paints for protecting steel from corrosion.